Yes, prices during peak days which are Thursday/Friday/Saturday are different from prices during Off peak days, which are Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday.
RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, a chip that holds your ticket entry & credit.
A top-up booth is a physical booth located in the park. Its purpose is to help you recharge your wristband credit.
A ticketing office is a physical place located at the entrance of the park. Its purpose is to help you purchase your ticket to Lusail Winter Wonderland.
In case your wristband gets lost, stolen or damaged, you can get a replacement for a small fee of QAR 10 at our main top-up booth located inside the park. If this is the case, your virtual wallet and the money and/or products you have, will be transferred to your new wristband if details required to trace your account are provided.
Any money left on your wristband after your visit can be re-used during your next visit.
Entry wristbands starts at 156 QAR entry + 2 rides, Unlimited rides entry starts at 222 QAR. For the full price list please click here.
Simply use your contactless wristband at the ride or attraction entrance.
Please contact customerservice@lusailwinterwonderland.com for more information.
Standard charges apply.
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